My husband and I own a Bed and Breakfast in a small town in the midwest.  I guess we just thought if we built a really nice place and were kind and fair, people would just appear and give us money to stay at our place!  Well three years down the road, with some success but not enough, Beth entered our lives.  We shared with her the problems we faced-  and asked for her advice.

The first thing she did was to give us 3 things to change.  We did those three things and saw an immediate improvement in our bookings and also realized that after asking for help from many in the past 3 years, we finally found a person who understood business.

She then spent a few hours assessing our business and helped us see where we were financially- how much we had to spend as a business, and how much we needed to prosper. There are so many categories!! She was like a hunting dog- sticking with it until we had a great understanding of our business as it is.  Her next step was to give us further instruction on how to make changes over time to increase profits.  I am so grateful for her ability to spot problems, and see solutions!  This woman is working in her giftings and has helped us to get on track with our business!

Jan WattlesThe Crossings Bed and Breakfast

I have been a business owner since 1987 and never realized how valuable a good business consultant is until I hired Beth 2 years ago. The business environment is vastly different than when I started. I need help in navigating the new and ever changing landscape. Beth will help you to focus on what is important and helps you to clarify your vision. Her guidance and support has helped me move forward with confidence on both big and little decisions within my operation. I would highly recommend her to any business owner looking to improve their results.

Beth HanlonElizabeth Hanlon Agency

“I hired Beth when I was in the process of re-configuring my business. She has provided excellent support and feedback in the decision-making process as she compliments my strengths and compensates for some of my weaknesses (yes, all business owners have them!). In particular, I appreciate the opportunity to check in with her on a regular basis to keep my business on track and the extra help on getting to those projects that can hold back my business development activity.” April 3, 2012

Deborah Knox
Career and Life Transitions Coach, Life Transitions

Dear Beth,

Since working with you just one session, you helped me to discover that I LOVE TO CREATE CONTENT. I have been exploding with writing and enthusiasm for my business. Really, I am experiencing a creative frenzy! Usually I go to sleep at night hours before my husband but he retired 30 minutes ago and it’s 12 midnight and I am going strong. You have taken the details out of my head and my hands and freed me up to be the creative genius that I have longed to express. Thank you for the relief of stepping in as my manager and letting me be who I am.


Karen Baker Blum
Business As Pleasure

Beth came to us well prepared for what we needed to have happen by understanding our situation. She immediately started a graph showing us the big picture of the founder’s vision and what he had been doing as a one person operation. An outline of all of his tasks were compiled, then distributed among several positions then the positions were titled. The key that she offered us was the ability to see our future growth with the entrepreneurial challenges and important division of labor necessary to create a sustainable technological training organization. She definitely put herself as the gap in the hedge between someone who had taken years to develop a vision to a certain point and the next step of growth.

Bryan Kravitz
WP Academy

Thank goodness I discovered and had the opportunity of working with Beth Schecher during the most important stage of my business website renewal project. After procrastinating for 2 years past design implementation, it was past time to populate the pages and launch the new site.
Within a short period of time Beth’s calming, reassuring approach guided me in simplifying the overwhelming scope of the project one page at a time. Beth’s focused approach was on doing the easiest first regardless of importance. Doing so allowed me to start and complete ‘pages’ which energized me as I methodically tackled one after the other and completing this ‘overwhelming’ endeavor with great ease. I have felt this weight I have been dragging for 2 years dissipate leaving me energized to tackle my next business goal. I highly recommend Beth Schecher.

Judy Heller
Wonders of Walking, LLC

“I was reluctant to hire a marketing consultant but I hit an impasse on a growth issue with a small business I owned. So I decided to contact Beth Schecher based on several colleagues’ recommendations. Our initial conversation, in which she was generously informative, tipped the balance.

Am I glad! Not only did she help me shape all things marketing, but she came up with a breakthrough idea far beyond what I was expecting. Working with Beth is transforming my business. If someone needs marketing help or is ready to move from hobby to business, I have just 2 words: Beth Schecher.”

Pat Marum
Balance and Purpose Life Coaching

“We started working with Beth to help us increase traffic to our website effectively using social media. Beth was able quickly to ascertain where we are and where we could go next using what we already have and combining this with the social media opportunities available to us. We are starting with Linked In as we sell B2B and this is the best avenue for that dialogue. She helped us see our business from the customer’s perspectives and needs which really focused us. We have developed a robust internet based HR program, however we needed to focus in on the customer’s viewpoint from a sales process. We had kept the customer out front and most important through developing the program, but sales was the area we need most assistance with. She really helped us do that.
She is also able to be task oriented in setting specific goals within certain timelines understanding the other challenges and opportunities there are in running a business.
I would highly recommend others to utilize Beth’s expertise, organization, creativeness and the ability to hone in quickly on what a company’s next steps should be….and along the way, she is a great listener and has respect for her clients.”

Ellen Kirton – President/CFO – Effortless HR
Effortless HR

“I have utilized Beth’s skills both at the brick-and-mortar level, as well as for my online presence for almost two years now. Beth is truly a joy to work with. Taking every task to heart, her forte is thinking WAY outside the box!! She nimbly uses her very wide ranging, up-to-date business experience and education to creatively weave the simplest solution [for] even the most challenging task. Beth takes what I call my “spaghetti thinking” and quickly boils it down until the most effective solution is provided. I whole heartedly recommend Beth’s services.”

Lea kabala
Feel Awesome Wellness Center

“I never knew strategizing and marketing could be so much fun. Working with Beth led me to clarity and direction and she had beautiful, creative ideas that worked for me and reflect who I am. I am now so much more comfortable talking to prospective clients about how I can help them. I have a clear direction for promoting my business and attracting new clients. I could not have done this on my own.”

Charyl Ozkaya
Inner Healing Arts

“As a small business owner, I’m sometimes overwhelmed at all the demands on my time. I’m engaged in social media, but I questioned the point of it all and how much time to spend on it. My first session with Beth demystified social media. She was very clear in assisting me to see the value of the various platforms, then tailor my message accordingly. I look forward to learning from her in the future. I have known Beth for some time and have no hesitation in recommending her as a Social Media Consultant.”

Jude Gilford
Money Awareness Program