Why Smaller is Better – Collaborate or Compete?

Is this you at a networking event?

When you go to a networking event do you always see that same person who has a business ‘just like yours’?  You cringe.  You wish that they would get out of your way and let you just be the shining star of your marketplace.  Kind of silly when you think about it. How can their business be ‘exactly like yours’?


If you find yourself in this situation at a networking event then it sounds like it is time to clearly define your strengths and focus your business offerings.

Wouldn’t it feel better if:

  • You could confidently express to anyone and everyone (even the so-called competitor) exactly what you do and how you help people?
  • Talk to someone in your industry to see how your service could augment theirs.
  • Know how to recognize when someone’s need is outside of your expertise and refer them to others.

Taking the time to clearly define your business focus goes a long way.  It makes finding collaborators much easier.  It also gives you the confidence to express what you do, even to those that look like they have a business ‘just like yours’.

One of my goals at a networking event is to meet other business people that I can potentially collaborate with.  Maybe not the next day, but maybe in the future.  In order to do this, I find that it is much easier if I can clearly define what it is that I contribute to the process.  It is also easier if others have defined their focus.  Then we can easily see where we might join in order to give the client a better outcome.  By collaborating, you not only bring business to fellow entrepreneurs, but you also have a better chance of having new customers referred to you.

Eliminate the competition by narrowing your business focus and clearly defining it. Become the expert in your field.  Confidently express what you do and how you help people. Then you can make your competition into collaborators and everyone wins.

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