What happens when the going gets tough?

When it is late in the day and you are still working on finishing a client report, revising your website or maybe even cleaning the floors of your retail shop what is it that keeps you going and focused?  Some people can stay motivated by the money, but there are lots of ways to bring in money (and you don’t necessarily have to wash floors).  What is it about the business that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to that gives you that spark of delight?

It is my contention that if you can clearly define the difference that you are trying to make in the world, then you will always know your motivation.  If you can articulate the purpose of your business and how you ultimately want to be able to help people, even if in a small way, then you will have a successful and long lasting business.

Let’s be honest, owning your own business is not always delightful and rosy.  There are times when you wonder what the heck you were thinking when you decided to take it all on yourself.  Even if you can afford to hire others to do some of the work that you do not enjoy, there will always be some challenge within the business.  This is not a bad thing, it just is the way it goes.  The question is, “How will you handle it?”

When you know your purpose, it will always be there to support you.  Sometimes just remembering it will put that smile on your face as you make that last phone call of the day. Many times, your purpose will be your guidepost.  It will help you to make decisions by answering the question, “Will this help us to further our purpose?”  Your purpose will be what binds your team together.  It will help you to make hiring decisions… and also firing decisions.  And yes, your purpose will help you to remember the smile that you put on your customers’ faces as you mop that last square foot of the store.

Don’t under estimate the value and power of having a clearly articulated business purpose.  I have found it to be an essential building block to the foundation of a successful business.

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