Things Do Happen

People seem to get uncomfortable when I talk to them about preparing for an unexpected distraction from their business.  They never say, “It isn’t going to happen to me”, because they know that is a silly statement.  But, of course, we do hope that some unpleasantness is not going to come into our lives.

Instead of making you think about the possibility of something happening in your life, I will share with you what happened in mine this week and how it distracted me.

I was riding on a huge high from having just experienced the management of my first big time business expo.  Everything was great and the tone of the evening was incredible.  I could barely sleep afterwards and just couldn’t wait to tell everyone and anyone about it.

My brother Dave

Then came “the phone call”.  A call from my brother, from the hospital.  Suddenly and inexplicably he was in the hospital, serious blood problems, and would know more the next day.  Right away, my mind shifted from joy to concern.  Suddenly I could not find the energy for the business side of my life.  I had an important meeting the next day and didn’t know how I was going to focus.

Well, I did pull it together for the meeting, until I got another phone call with a dire diagnosis.  Talk about distracting!  I could barely focus on the end of my meeting and then driving to the hospital.

For 5 days I was going through the motions of my business, just to have a distraction from my family situation.  I felt like a truck had run through my heart and nothing else was really important.  Our families are really important and we do not want to have to ignore them because our business cannot function without us.

This distraction with my brother, fortunately, was not so severe that I had to enact my contingency plan.  At least I was not the one incapacitated (although sometimes I wondered about my ability to think), I was conscious and could make decisions, and I was able to keep a fairly normal routine.

I am so grateful to be able to say that after 5 days of total shock and grief, my brother received a different diagnosis.  He still has health challenges, but the outlook is not so dire.  (He also was able to escape from the hospital.)

One of the lessons I learned during this time was how deeply we can be affected by these unexpected events in our lives.  They can distract us and even devastate us.

 At least I knew that my business was in order and that I did not have to worry about it.  Would now be a good time for you to ensure that your business is ready for the unexpected?  If you would like help simplifying that process, give me a call.




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