The Joy of the Cesspool in Winter

It's not my problem that it snowed.

It has been one of those winters, when the snow and ice are just relentless.  Just as we get dug out from one storm, there is another on the horizon.  The joy of the holidays is long behind us and it takes conscious attention to find the bright side of any situation.

Then I saw a huge spark of delight and joy in the face of my brother-in-law.  He was so excited he could barely contain himself.  He was going to get a new cesspool this week.  Yes, a cesspool had brightened his dreary winter.

But, was it really the cesspool?  Actually, no.  It was the fact that after a month of calling a company that he had done business with for years and years still did not call him back, he got action from another.  Fed up with the company he had trusted for so long, he tried another company.  He was thrilled that they were able to come out and do an estimate the same day, to be knowledgeable enough to describe 3 options to him, and to recommend a starting date for this week.

Lesson learned?  No matter what your business is, how hard is it to return people’s phone calls?  If the original business did not want to do the work, could they have not returned the call and let him know?  Is it worth damaging your reputation by being unresponsive?

Run your business with responsiveness and honesty.  You just may bring delight to an otherwise dreary winter.


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