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ideal clientWhen we are promoting our products or services, it all goes so much smoother if we can really identify our ideal client.  BUT, there are times when defining this client can be frustrating, exasperating, and confusing.  Sometimes our clients seem to have such a broad scope of challenges, we can’t pin point what they have in common.  Hands thrown in the air, we promise to get back to this ‘exercise’, but for now, we just get some content on our marketing material and go for it.

How can we look at our ideal client definition in another way?

We can look at our ideal client as, “who do I really enjoy working with?”  After all, if you are trying to attract more clients then why not bring in the ones that you will enjoy, who will get the most value from the work, and who will be happy to refer you to others?

What are some characteristics that your clients might have?

  • They have a positive attitude
  • They are willing to be bold
  • They are motivated to make a change
  • They pay on time
  • They enjoy writing (speaking, wine tasting, etc.  just pick one)
  • They are new in business
  • They are established in business

You get the point.  Think about the person you really want to work with and  you know you can help the most.

Not all of your ideal client criteria will be put on your marketing material for all to see.  Some things are more for you to know where your boundaries are.  This helps you to determine if there is a good fit between you and your prospective client.

Still stuck?  Here is something to think about today:

If you were to define your clients as “they are hungry for what I have to offer”, what would that look like?

Have fun with it and imagine yourself with all of the ideal clients that you need.

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