Staying Positive

If you are like most business owners, there are times when you are overwhelmed with all you have to do to keep your business running and vibrant.  I know that it is easy at these times to think about the days of being employed and getting a guaranteed paycheck each week.  You may be thinking how great that was.  How all you had to do was to get there on time, do your work, get your hour for lunch, and tough it out until quitting time.  Before you fall too far into that trap, I urge you to remember what it was like during the work day.

  • Getting to work at a specific time, even when there was seemingly no rhyme or reason for it.
  • Staying at work until the appointed hour, even if the work for the day had run out.
  • Listening to the complaining and moaning of your co-workers.
  • Hearing all of the reasons that your creative idea would have to wait for another time.
  • Feeling like there was no future for you.  Perhaps you felt stuck in a particular job.

I could go on and on, as could you.  So, now you remember the cost for the seeming security of being employed by someone else.  Maybe you feel even worse because you don’t want to go back, yet you are still looking at a mountain of responsibility for your business.

At times like these I physically write down all of the great things about running the business.  Yes, I have to write it down to get me focused and keep me positive.  You may be in such a down mood that you are having trouble conjuring up something.  Remember, nothing is too small to be grateful for.  For instance, try some of these:

  • I can do my paperwork in my jammies before I get ready for the day.
  • I can drop my kid at school on Tuesday and Thursday and no one gives me a hard time.
  • I can work on the weekend and take off on Monday if I need to.

This may get you into the positive frame of mind in order to move onto bigger things like:

  • I can spend an hour with a client if that is what is needed to get the job done.
  • I received a heartfelt thank you note from a grateful client last week.
  • I am doing what I love to do and am sharing it with the world.

You get the idea.  Once you start to think about the great things that are happening in your business, even more will pop into your head.

I urge you to grab that piece of paper and do some writing.  Stop the cycle of thinking of all of the bad things.  Once you are re-energized about your business, you will be able to handle the unpleasant things with ease and grace.

Have you found yourself in such a situation?  What have you done to boost yourself back up?  Love to hear from you.

Beth Schecher

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