Social Media – It’s just a tool

I love social media.  Yup, I admit it.  Why?  Because I see social media as a way to get to know more people, for us to be more transparent about what we are about, and to feel connected to people.  For me, it is all about the people. People connecting It isn’t about selling more stuff on your social media site, it is about having people get to know your business and having them get to know who they are doing business with.  I see social media as a way to bring back the personal touch to the business of doing business.

I see social media as a tool to help us add that personal touch to our business.  Remember thought, like all tools, if you don’t know how to use it you can get hurt or you might end up just putting it on the shelf in the closet, gathering dust. Before you dive into social media, I strongly recommend that you spend time working on a plan to utilize the tool.

A key question that will help you to build your plan is:
What are you trying to accomplish with this particular social media tool?
Believe it or not, you will all not have the same purpose for your social media campaign.

Here are some examples:

  • I want to establish myself as an expert
  • I have a lot of events and I want a way to get the word out.
  • I have a volunteer group and I want each member to be able to contribute to the information.
  • I want to keep my brand in front of people
  • I want a way to share my blog postings.
  • I want to direct people to my website.
  • I want to build a contact list.
  • I want to build interaction with my clients.

As you can see, there is so much that you can do with social media.  The key to having a simplified life is to make sure that you know which objective you want to focus on.  Do what works for your business.  Trying to do what you see everyone else doing just leads to confusion and many times you end up frozen in your tracks.

Remember, social media is just a tool.  It is there to help us.  We don’t have to use every feature just because it is there.  Kind of like that new sewing machine with all of the fancy stitches… if you only need to sew in straight lines, then find ways to use the other stitches when you have time and the urge for creativity.

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