Passion and Purpose

Many a small business becomes reality because the founder has an interest they are passionate about.  Be it sky diving, health care, photography, or fishing, the owner of the business just loves to be surrounded by the energy of this activity.  If we take a deeper look we can often discover an underlying purpose or how this particular business is striving to make a difference in the world.

The key to seeing your purpose is to look beyond what you do to what the impact is on the customer.  How have you made their life easier, happier, or more fulfilling?  Think bigger and broader.  Why is it important that you do what you do?  Does the existence of your business matter?  Do you solve an emotional issue for the customer?

If you feel yourself getting enthusiastic about answering these questions, then you are most likely running a business that has an underlying purpose.  Taking the time to articulate this purpose will help you to run your organization with more clarity, conviction, and ease.  You will be able to use it as a guidepost, a solid foundation upon which to make all decisions.  Decision making becomes simplified when asking the question, “Does this help to further our Purpose?”

Having a passion for what you do is a dream that many would love to fulfill.  Knowing why you do it brings out a whole new story.  Can you clearly articulate the Purpose for your business?

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