LinkedIn Answers

One of the little know features of LinkedIn is called “Answers”.  

The purpose of Answers is to:

  • Help you to find answers to real problems.

There are thousands (milllions?) of people out there on LInkedIn who have a wealth of knowledge.  Ask a question, and you will get someone who is willing to give you advice on how to move forward.  Be it a technical question, a business question, or a ‘life’ question, someone will be there to help you.

  • Give you an opportunity to help others.

One of the components of social media is to help people.  Answers gives you the chance to give out free advice to others.  You can search for questions within your category of expertise and respond to any when you feel you can add value.

  • Establish expertise.

When people are looking at your profile on LinkedIn, how do they know that you know what you are talking about?  One of the ways is to look at the questions that you have answered.  This will give them a feel for your level of knowledge.

How do you ask a question?

From your Home page on LinkedIn, across the top, click on “More”.  From the drop down menu click on “answers”.  The Home page for Answers will appear.  Note the tabs that now appear for this page.

You can ask a question from the Home page, or you can click on the “Ask a Question” tab. You will be given the opportunity to categorize your question.

It is pretty simple to ask a question.  You will then receive email notifications when someone gives you an answer, so you don’t have to be constantly checking LinkedIn.

Source of Information

Now that you have found the Answers feature, take some time to look around.  Many people have asked questions that are already answered.  You can search around and get some useful information.  You will also see who is answering questions and who knows what they are talking about.  You may then want to connect with those people or follow them.

Provide an Answer

You will also see that it is fairly easy to put in your own 2 cents (answer other people’s questions).  You can search for issues that are in your area of expertise and then provide help to others.  Remember that everyone can see your answers, so make sure you put your best foot forward when commenting.

Give it a try

Now that you know about the Answers feature of LinkedIn, why not spend a little time exploring and discovering more about it?  Some  ‘experts’ say that it is LinkedIn’s most powerful, yet little known feature.

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