Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Well, the bottom line is “Be Prepared”.

We had several days warning that Hurricane Sandy was coming and that it would have a huge impact.  As a business owner, what did you do to communicate with your customers ahead of time?  There are so many ways to communicate in today’s age of technology.  Did you pick even one of them to let your customers know what to expect from your business?

  • Did you change your voicemail message to indicate that you would be closed or open?
  • Did you update your website?
  • Did you put out a message on your Facebook page?
  • Did you let people know how to text you?
  • Did you tweet?
  • Did you bring home the phone numbers of your clients that had appointments for the week so that you could contact them?

Multiple methods of communication are great, as we never know which one will be unavailable to us or to our customers.  I have encountered no service on phone lines and no access to the internet.

I had 3 appointments this week.  Only one of them had an updated phone message indicating that the office was closed due to the hurricane.  At least I knew not to show up.  I encountered an office with no phone service, so I went to their website and to their Facebook page.  No update.  Hmmmm, do I show up or not?

Communicating to your customers in a time of uncertainty helps them to maintain their trust and confidence in you.  If they at least know how they will deal with your business, it will remove one more piece of uncertainty for them, instead of adding to their frustration.

Does your small business have a plan for a short term outage?


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