It’s Time to Envision

Now that you have a framework and an idea of the things that jazz you and the things that squash you, it is time to treat yourself to experiencing the life you love, even if only in your mind and if only for 15 – 30 minutes.

Vision 1

Start with the ‘facts’ of your vision.  Whatever they are for you, write them down.  This will be things like:

Where you are living
The type of things you do with your day
The amount of money you make
The amount of time you take off
The state of your health
The type of relationship you have


Now, write down:

How it feels now that you have achieved this vision.
What this life gives you that your current one does not.
What will be different for you, your family, the world when you achieve this vision?
What doors will open for you with this life.
Why it is important to you that you achieve this life.

Evaluate your Vision

Now that you have had a chance to ‘try on’ a vision, take a moment to evaluate it.

Ask yourself:

Does this vision excite me?

Do I feel inspired?

Do I feel like I have the energy to make this happen?

Is there something missing from it that would make it feel even better?


Your vision may need tweaking.  Continue working on it until you feel that you have a compelling vision that will PULL you into the future, inspire you, and cause you to put the energy into the action steps it will take to achieve it.

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