It’s Christmas Time

It’s Friday before Christmas and small businesses are in various states of activity.  Some, like mine, are winding down, getting ready for the next year.  Many are in a state of hyper activity, providing products and services that help others to celebrate the season.

Your perception of the holiday season and how your business contributes to it can make the difference between joy and exhaustion.  If you and your employees are super busy providing gift baskets, specialty foods, decorations or the like, how is your attitude?  Are you complaining that you are just too busy?  Sounds like a silly question (because who would complain about having a lot of business?), but take a moment to notice the words that you are using.  Do you say things like “I will be glad when the holidays are over”, or “It is just too crazy”?  Are your employees bemoaning how hard they are working?

Instilling an atmosphere of joy can make all of the difference in the world.  How do you do that?  Remember and remind your employees of the purpose of your business, especially at this time of year.  When we know that we are contributing to the joy of others, making their lives easier, and touching their lives in a big or even small way, we look forward to going to work and being a part of the excitement.  We naturally extend enthusiasm and gratitude when we are in a state of contributing to others.  It makes their experience with our business more pleasurable, which translates into future business and more income.  Not to mention that everyone around us is happier!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  It is a wonderful time to remember the joy in our hearts and how easy it is to share that joy with all of those around us.

With great Joy,



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