Is the Customer King?

This morning as I was mulling over one of my client’s situation, I imaged telling him, “Don’t worry about what the client wants.”  WHAT?!?

balancing actI stopped in my virtual tracks and asked myself, “What are you talking about?   You always tell your clients that it is about their customers and what they want.”

Why had I even thought to tell a client not to be concerned about what the prospect wanted?

It is important that we know what we can deliver and what is beyond our scope.  If we try to please everyone, just so that we can have more business, things will turn bad quickly.

What can happen if we seek to delve into an area where we are uncertain?

No one is happy – you will be doing something that you do not enjoy doing.  The work is not up to your usual standards.  You know it and the customer knows it.

Confidence erodes – Not only is the job not done as well as it could be, but our confidence takes a nosedive.  We are not working in our power and the customer sees us as uncertain.  With this image in mind, will they hire us again?  It doesn’t matter that they may need us in an area where we are an expert, we have already set the stage in their mind about how we deliver.

The wrong image is on display – We miss an opportunity to let prospects (and the world) know what we are really good at.  When we work within our area of expertise and do what we do best, not only is the client happy, but they are willing to tell others.

Yes, we need to know what the client is expecting.  We also need to make sure that we are comfortable delivering it.  Do what you do best.  Know what your boundaries are.  Know how to set the expectations for your prospects so that everyone is pleased with the outcome.



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