Imperfect Action

Imperfect Action is better than No Action!

What is that all about?  If you are a business owner, you know what it is like to get stuck, not moving forward, looking for everything to be in place before you take action.  You may say, “When I have that Sales Script down pat, I will start to make sales calls.”  Or “When I have my 12 month program completely written, I will try to sell it.”  Or “When I have the perfect business card, I will go networking.”

We are waiting for our action to be perfect before we show it to the public.  There are some things that this may be valid for, but in many cases, we learn so much from our imperfect action.  We learn where to make adjustments to the Sales Script.  We get practice delivering the Sales Pitch.  We learn which tweaks will help us to feel more authentic in our sales.

Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?”  If you have a Sales Conversation and it is not perfect, what is the worst that can happen?  You may feel a bit foolish or awkward.  You may not get the sale (this time).  What is the best that can happen?  You actually are successful with the sale and you are now moving forward.

Take a look and see where you are not taking action.  What are you waiting for?  If it is important, then get on it.  If ‘good enough’ is ‘good enough’ for now, then get into action, even if is not perfect.  Get started, and get your business moving!

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