Facebook Deja Vu – 2011

Last week I was sitting at a networking meeting when the topic of Facebook pages came up.  Much to my disbelief and to my dismay, the conversation quickly got out of control.  Some of the business owners thought that they knew exactly how to use Pages, others were confused, and still others were bad-mouthing the whole concept. Everyone of course felt that they were ‘right’ and it turned into mild chaos and nothing productive came out of it.

The deja vu comes into play for me in that it seems that we were having these exact types of conversation 2 years ago.  Back then I really understood why everyone was confused. Facebook was relatively new and business owners were trying to sort it out.  2 years in ‘technology time’ is eons!  Things have changed, true, but the basic concept of using Facebook and social media for your business is pretty much the same.

Here are a few basic concepts to consider when looking at building a Facebook Page for your business:

  • What am I trying to accomplish by having this Page?

I hope that you are looking for exposure, at a minimum.  You can also use the page to run contests and announce specials, but at a basic level, you will get in front of people more often.

  • Do I have time to keep the Page fresh and updated?

In order to get visibility you need be posting updates and responding to replies and comments.  Do you have the time to do this yourself, or can you hire someone else to take on this responsibility for you?

  • How am I going to get people to ‘Like’ my Page?

There are ways to do this.  Do you know what they are or are you ready to hire someone who specializes in this?

  • Do I have the kind of business that would benefit from advertising my Page on Facebook?

Once again, do you know how all of this works?  Are you willing to hire someone to guide you and advise you on the way to get the most for your money?

In case you are wondering, I am not a Facebook expert.  I would not be the one that can take care of your Facebook Page for you.  I do feel though that if you are serious about using Facebook to build up your customer base and improve your visibility, then finding someone who does Facebook for a living is in order.

If you just want to have some exposure and have some connections, then working Facebook on your own works just fine.  You may even get really good at it and you may even like it a lot.  For those of you who want to focus on what it is you are great at and love to do, find a great person to take care of Facebook for you.

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