Enthusiasm! What is that all about?

A few years back I created my tag line, “Move your organization forward with clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm”.  I have gotten some flack about using the word ‘enthusiasm’ mainly because it is difficult to quantify.  But, something in me said that it was the right word.  As many times as I tried to replace it, ‘enthusiasm’ kept coming back.

Today I read something about enthusiasm that was new to me.  Apparently, the root of the word comes from the Greek word ‘entheos’, meaning ‘to be filled with God’.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  Is this what I was feeling when I chose the word?  Is it really more than just being excited and all jazzed up about what we are doing for a living?

We all have our own meaning of ‘God’ and you may have another word that fits better for you.  (I am just telling you what the Greeks said).  What is more important is the concept.  Can we really run a business from within our True and Deeper self?  Can our business really have a larger purpose?  A business that helps us to express our “God given talents” (as my mother used to say)?

So, when I tell people I can help them to actually start to run their business with enthusiasm, yes, I do think about the great, light, joyous feeling that is possible.  But, now I am thinking…  maybe there is even more to it than that.

Wishing you a most ENTHUSIASTIC of days!


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  1. Judy Heller
    Judy Heller says:

    Thank you for posting. I do identify with the ‘feeling of alignment’ when passion and purpose combine defining our ‘business path’. There is fullfilment generating enthusiasm and energy helping to answer the question ‘why am I here’.

    • Beth Schecher
      Beth Schecher says:

      Well said Judy. I know that you are passionate and enthusiastic about your business. It certainly shines through.

  2. deborah knox
    deborah knox says:

    Self employment provides one of the greatest opportunities for us to learn and grow and develop deeper atunement with our higher self. When we follow our passion or where our spirit leads we are committing to a course of great practice and discipline.
    It’s all a learning and so much fun… especially when we can share it with others.


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