Don’t Like to Work?

I received an email yesterday from a very successful entrepreneur and the title was “I Hate Work”.  It was an email that I felt compelled to open because I wanted to see what the ‘hook’ was.  You know, where they tell you that they really don’t hate work, or they tell you how they used to hate it but this is how they got out of their funk.

Much to my surprise, he was serious!  This poor guy was in such a funk that he could not get any of his projects completed nor did he want to wake up in the morning and work on his business.  He was actually calling out for help to his clients.  He just did not understand why he was not enthusiastic about his work anymore.

 So here is the lesson as I see it…

We see many, many emails from guys who have ‘figured out’ the formula to getting in lots of clients and money and they are willing to share it with us (for a fair price, of course).  They have figured out how to get passive income.

Why do some of these businesses continue to grow and succeed and others just fall apart?  I see it as a lack of purpose.

If this guy really knew what the difference is that he is trying to make in the world, then he would be able to have that sense of purpose guide all that he does.  I tell my clients all the time that if their only purpose is to make money, they are going to have a bumpy ride.  Your purpose gets you through the tough times and grounds your work.

I was quite pleased to see so many responses to this flailing entrepreneur that indicated he needed to find his purpose.  Lots of people get it.  How are you doing with it?


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