Does you business lack energy?

Have you ever walked into a store and just felt like something was missing?  You look around and see that the displays are nice enough, the products are nice enough, and the sales people seem pleasant enough, but for some reason you are uninspired.  You browse for a bit but then just don’t feel like staying in that store any longer and you leave.

Most people don’t spend any time analyzing what the issue is with the store.  They just leave.  Since business fascinates me, I like to figure out what the issue is.  Usually, the problem is that the business is simply lacking energy.

I am not saying that there needs to be bells and whistles or streamers and flashing lights.  If a business has energy you will see it in the following ways:

  • An area of focus which will clearly show what that store is about
  • An area of focus that is special for a limited time
  • Sales people who are glad to connect with the customer and show them something that they find to be exciting, different, or new.
  • Advertising that is focused and it is clear what the business offers
  • The owner(s) of the business are enthusiastic about what they offer to their customers

If you find that business is slowing down or not growing as you had anticipated, take a look at how your business presents itself.  If you are just going through the motions of running your business day to day but are not putting any excitement or positive energy into it, others will feel it.  If you are too exhausted or distracted to put that kind of energy into the business, I suggest that you take a good hard look at what you are doing.  Don’t wait until the business fails.  Invest in expertise to help you to revive your own enthusiasm and your business can’t help but be revived!

I guess that the question is not whether or not your business lacks energy, but have you as the owner lost your energy, focus, and enthusiasm.  I hope not as life is too fun to not be excited over something.  I hope that something is your business!

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