Creating Your Vision – Step 2

This process of creating a compelling vision can be overwhelming.  In previous blog postings I talked about taking it one step at a time.

The first step was to focus on what part of your life you want to focus on.

The second step is to choose a timeframe to focus on.

First, take a look at how far out in time you would like to imagine.  When would you like to have your life look like your vision?  Of course it would be great if you could have that right now, but there is an element of reality that only you can define.  Make the timeframe too short and you will not believe that you can meet your goals.  Make it too long and you will not be inspired to take the actions needed to get you what you want.

Clock - what everTake a good look at the factors you see limiting your progress.  Some of these limitations are real:  kids graduating from college, Social Security kicks in at age 62, 100 pounds does not go away in a month, there are 3 more years until full pension kicks in.  These help you to set time boundaries and can be helpful.

Some limiting factors are just small thinking.  They may seem like they are not moveable or flexible, but some creative thinking will show that there is at least a possibility that the limitation can be changed.  For instance:  I will need to work 5 years to save $50,000 to invest in my new business.  Other options could be to borrow the money, to bring in investors, or to start smaller with less investment.  The important point is that you recognize which factors are true limitations and which ones are just challenges.

When choosing your timeframe be realistic but also stretch your boundary of comfort.  If you really want to live the life you envision, see how close you can bring your timeframe.  A bit of discomfort is challenging.  Too much discomfort is discouraging.

So by now, you have created boundaries for your vision so that you have an aspect of your life to focus on as well as having a target timeframe to achieve it.  Hopefully you will feel some of the overwhelm starting to ease up so that you can start to be inspired.


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