I have been thinking about CELEBRATION lately.  Do we celebrate enough?

relationship 1I dare say, that most business owners do not celebrate enough.  It is probably because they are waiting to hit that big milestone that they are striving for.  You know, launching the next new product, hitting the million dollar income mark, or filling their schedule with paying clients.

I am voting for celebrating the little things.  Don’t we like to be celebrated for those things that help us to move forward toward the larger goals?  Of course we do!  It is a great reminder that we are on our way and encourages us to continue.  It builds our self-esteem and makes us un-stoppable.

What can we celebrate?  How about if we celebrate:

  • That we tried
  • Imperfect action
  • Forward motion
  • Having a vision
  • Success and joy for our customers
  • Having a plan
  • Knowing who your clients are and who they are not
  • Feeling empowered
  • Solving problems
  • Hiring help
  • Making a commitment

Without these things, business is hard.  Let’s celebrate that we are making it easier and finding success.  And let’s have some fun along the way.

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