Busy Work – The Death of the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur do you find yourself very busy, yet you don’t have the business that you want?  This happens quite often with new business owners.  Many of us have been told that if we don’t work hard, we will never succeed.  So, we go about doing things, no matter how useful or useless, just to fulfill that subconscious need to be working hard.

What is busy work?  Answering emails as soon as they come in.  Taking phone calls, no matter what you have scheduled yourself to work on.  Stuffing envelopes.  Surfing Facebook or Twitter.  I am not saying that these things may not have a value to your business.  It is the way that you approach them that makes the difference.  I think that we all know that we can get distracted and off on tangents while on social media or even on the phone.  Be honest with yourself and ask if what you are spending your time on is productive.  Better yet, ask yourself if what you are doing is helping to improve your business and make it into the life that you want.

The key to being busy with productive things is to schedule them.  Just putting a time in your schedule to work on your business is not enough.  Before you even get to that, you want to know what you will be working on.  What are the projects that are going to move your business toward your vision?  What are the action items that will move that project along?

Prioritize your projects.  Prioritize your action steps.  You can’t do it all!  If you try to work on all of your projects at the same time, you will get into overwhelm.  Pick one or two projects and break them down into actions steps.  If you don’t know the action steps, then just pick the first step to get you on your way.

When you have your scheduled time to work on your business, just go to your list of action items.  Start working on them.  It is that simple.  When you finish an item, write down the next step.  If you have time to work on it, that is great.  If not, it will be there for your next scheduled time.

This is how you focus your time and energy on moving your business forward.  It may be ‘hard work’ or may be enjoyable for you.  In any case, it will not be useless busy work.

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