Are You Having Fun Yet?

Is your business fun?  Does it light you up?

If you are a small business owner, you probably started your business because you wanted to enjoy your ‘job’… enjoy the work that you do.  How is that working out?  Are you having fun yet?

Have you set your business up so that you are doing the parts that you enjoy and are good at and have others doing the parts that you want to stay away from?  Most small business owners think that they have to do it all, especially in the beginning, and it is just the price that they have to pay in order to run their own business.

So, this is just a quicky blog to get you thinking.  Does my business model set me up for enjoying my work life, or does it make me do things that I am struggling through?

My opinion?  Figure out what lights you up and try to get more of that!  Not sure how to do this?   It isn’t hard.  It isn’t complicated.  Call me.  Let’s talk.  I love to help people just like you to build a business model that allows them to say, “I had fun today”.


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