Are You Fully Committed?

Attention Small Business Owners:  Have you found yourself looking at the ‘Help Wanted’ Ads?  Have you seen something in there that you say, “Oh, I could do that, part-time.  I could then have a guaranteed income and possibly even benefits.”  You think, that you can work part- time to take the stress off of the cash flow situation AND you can still build your business.  You say that when the business is sustaining itself, you will quit your part-time job.

I think that it is pretty common for a new business owner to look for a place of safety.  The magnitude of the responsibility for your business can sometimes over power you.  You begin to want it to be easier, more secure.  You want to live your passion and fulfill your purpose, but in the dark of night, you just want it all to be someone else’s problem.

The small business that succeeds has an owner that does not apply for that part-time job. They wake up the next morning and know they really want to dedicate their energy to living their passion in their own way.  They realize that another job will take away their focus.  It will distract them from doing what they need to do to have a thriving business. Having that extra (although small) income takes away some of their incentive to get their business profitable.

Even if you are enthusiastic and confident about your new business venture, fear can still creep in.  Fear of ‘the economy’.  Fear of not being a business expert.  Fear of people not liking what you have to offer.  Thinking that others will find out that you are not ‘an expert’ (even though you clearly are one).   When you are a solopreneur, these kind of fears come to you and you have no one else to help you to get out of the rut of fear.

If you find yourself with that part-time job AND trying to run your business, I encourage you to get a plan.  Develop a plan to get your business profitable so that you can quit depending on the other job.  It will clearly mean that you will work way more than 40 hours a week to get there.  If you are truly committed to your business and what it brings to the world you will succeed.  You will be happier and more enthusiastic about making a living every day.

Have you had the wave of fear lay doubts upon you?  What is your story?

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