Again with the Vision!

We have been told that we need to have a vision.  What does that mean?  I used to think that a vision was something that we imagined in our mind, but was pretty airy-fairy.  It was always out there, just outside of our reach, something to strive for.  With that as a definition, my mind always considered a vision to be unattainable.  It was something for dreamers, not for practical business people trying to get things done.

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Crazy steel trees

Recently I have been looking at visions differently.  Yes, they are still out there.  They are still filled with dreams and parts of our lives, both personal and business, that fill us with joy and accomplishment.  When creating the vision, I no longer worry about how I could possibly ever make it come true as that can be worked on that later.  I realize that having a vision that is so compelling that it inspires me and pulls me forward every day is one of the most powerful tools I can have.

What I have also learned is that visions come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Some people are ‘visionary’ and they can image a business that changes the world.  Some people can see a shift in their business and so believe in it that they are willing to make big changes in their life in order to reach that new and different way of doing business.  Some people don’t see big changes, but do see more customers, income and employees being the vision that brings them to the next step.

I also have discovered that having a vision, whether large or small is critical to any business.  All of the tools that help you to market, to become more efficient, to repurpose your content or become in internet wizard will be way more effective if you have a vision.  It is the vision that helps us to know which tools to use, when the appropriate time is to bring them in, and how to customize them for our business.


In future blog postings, I will write more about some steps that you can take to discover your vision and then put it into action.  Right now, just take some time to feel what it might be like to have a vision that gives each day inspiration and purpose.

Happy Imagining!

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