Marketing – Your Path to Service

As a small business owner, it is not uncommon to let marketing throw you for a loop.  There are so many ways to get the word out there, how do you figure out which one is right for your business?

In the service business, prospects want to have an idea of what ymarketing path service 2our service is like before they buy.  In your marketing material and interactions you have the opportunity to give great value and let people get a flavor of what you bring to the table.  Since we can’t set up a stand in Costco to hand out samples for tasting, what are various ways you can do this?

Always make sure that your email newsletter or blog provide value.  This will give the reader an example of the topics your address and your style.  It also helps to keep the prospect on your list of interested parties and helps you to continue to have a relationship with them.  Even if your email is offering them an invitation to purchase something from you, make sure that the content helps them to see why this purchase would be of benefit to them.  By giving them good information, they can decide for themselves if it is a good fit or not.

Speeches or teleseminars are a great way to share information with people.  They get to see what you know, how you express it, and the kind of results you can provide through your service.  Don’t forget to make this a part of your marketing strategy by letting your audience know how to take the next step with you, should they feel inspired to do so.  Make it easy for them to sign up for a free consultation, your next webinar, or to get on your email list.

Remember that one of the greatest ways for you to give value is to actually engage a client.  If you properly market your services, the right client for you will recognize your value to them and they will sign up.  Marketing is not our enemy (even though we claim we don’t like it).  Marketing is the way we get to ultimately be of more service to more people.


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