The Big Picture

Since the beginning of 2013, it seems as if there are just tons of new ideas and concepts coming into my awareness.  They have probably been in the marketplace for years now, but for me they are new.  It is so easy to get excited about the prospect of a powerful way to market your product or a new tablet that can help you to connect better with your clients.

Then comes “overwhelm”.  Yes, so much information and so many bits and pieces to help you, but where do you begin and how does it all fit into what you are trying to accomplish?

This is when I remember to go back to the Big Picture.  What are you really trying to accomplish with your business?  What are the boundaries that you have set up for yourself at this point in time?  Is it wise to stay within them or is it time to stretch them?  Will diving into something new distract you from accomplishing goals that you are working on, or is it just the thing to get you closer to them?

If you can’t see the Big Picture or you can’t remember how your goals fit into it, then maybe it is time to dedicate some time to getting more clarity around your business.  It doesn’t have to be a week-long process with charts and numbers and vision boards.  Half a day, with the right focus can give you a clear picture of your business structure and where you want to take your business.

I am always striving for simplicity and clarity in my life and in my business.  Remembering the bigger picture and my purpose help me to keep the chaos at bay.  How about you?

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