Living in the Present While Planning for the Future

Choose a doorHave you been told that it is best to live in the NOW moment?  That sounds great when we are sitting at the holiday dinner table and just soaking in all of the energy of our family members, but what about when running a business?  Don’t we have to make plans for the future in order for our business to grow, move, and survive?


How do we live in the present and make plans for the future?

What does it mean to live in the future?  The future is uncertain.  There are a myriad of events that can occur between now and then that we might or might not be able to control.  When we live in the future, we bring in the stress and anxiety of living in uncertainty.  All sorts of mind games start.  “What about this, what about that?”  “Will I be able to survive this, can I afford that?”

Instead of worrying about the future in the present moment, a better way to use this moment it is to plan for the future.  Planning is a present moment activity.  Yes, we think about the future and we lay out as many possibilities as we can, but we also look at things we can do now to guide our business in the direction we envision.  Good planning also sets our business up with contingency plans for unforeseen events.

If you find yourself in a mind spin and a body clench about the future, use the NOW moment to do what you can do right now.  Plan!

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