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Tele-classes – Are they for you?

In today’s internet centered world we are bombarded with opportunities to attend tele-classes.  You know, training that happens while you sit in front of your computer and you might be connected with thousands of people around the world.  It is a great method of reaching many, many more people than if you had to all […]

It’s Time to Envision

Now that you have a framework and an idea of the things that jazz you and the things that squash you, it is time to treat yourself to experiencing the life you love, even if only in your mind and if only for 15 – 30 minutes. Start with the ‘facts’ of your vision.  Whatever […]

Again with the Vision!

We have been told that we need to have a vision.  What does that mean?  I used to think that a vision was something that we imagined in our mind, but was pretty airy-fairy.  It was always out there, just outside of our reach, something to strive for.  With that as a definition, my mind […]