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Selling to Tourists?

If you are like me, when you are on vacation you like to buy something that is special. There is something that is fun about finding that certain item and taking a little bit of vacation back home. If you own a retail business, the mindset of the vacation shopper can be important to understand. […]

Employees – They are in the middle

Have you ever had a call from a front-line employee, asking you for help with what seems like the silliest of customer problems?  You are thinking, “This is so simple, why are they not just following the procedure and moving the customer along?” It is common practice for a front-line employee to turn from an […]

Employees – Do we show respect?

Employees.  We need them.  We are glad to have them.  We don’t know what to do with them. It constantly amazes me that employees are treated with so little respect.  Do business owners not realize the impact this has on their business?  Not just the profit, but the day to day atmosphere of the workplace […]

Firestorm Forums

Have you ever been on an online forum, sharing words of wisdom with fellow business owners, vacation goers, cooks, surfers… or what ever the focus of the forum is… and suddenly you realize that the discussion has gotten out of control? Usually what happens is some topic hits a nerve for at least one of […]

AirBnB and the Red Ocean

I have been spending a lot of my time lately examining the Bed and Breakfast Industry. One of the hot topics right now is AirBnB.com. I saw an article the other day that spoke of a long time Bed and Breakfast that was shutting its doors.  They totally blamed AirBnB and the local government for […]