About Beth


Many see Beth as someone who is not afraid of an adventure and of trying something new. After growing up on Long Island where she attended Stony Brook University, she ventured out into the business world.  Her adventures took her from corporate life with technical software, technical selling and management positions through owning and managing a small retail health food store, managing small offices for health care providers to providing management consulting.  She has lived in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Germany, Arizona, and New York.  Now she has settled in the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana with a wealth of hands-on business experience, an open perspective on different cultures, and a desire to share her unique talent for helping businesses to move forward and get the job done.

Corporate Life

Armed with a degree in Computer Science, Beth entered the corporate world where she honed her skills and talent for solving complex problems.  Whether it was software bugs and crashing mainframes, or moving operations from one location to another, her talent for seeing the simplicity within a complex situation helped to get the job done.  The skill of bringing all parties to the table to work out seemingly complex issues developed over time.  It made the difference between a job done based on cooperation and one that felt like a struggle the whole way.


After spending 20 years working within IT departments in large corporations, Beth decided to open her own Health Food Store. Suddenly she was an entrepreneur! Her MBA went a long way in helping her to run a successful business. Key to her success and happiness in running the business was that she insisted on keeping things as simple and uncomplicated as possible.  Good systems and processes went a long way not only in running a smooth business but it also enabled her to sell her business when it was time to move on.

Understanding People

Beth’s move to Tucson brought her into a totally different culture from that of the east coast. It was a time to learn and observe. Through both employment and volunteering, Beth was able to use her planning and organizational skills.   Each project or event provided an opportunity to learn something new.

Beth had an opportunity to learn even more about small business and customer care by working for a kind and savvy business owner. This was a great example of how to build and grow a business. She also had the opportunity to work for those who made all of the classic mistakes in business. Each situation was a valuable learning experience.

Core Essence

Throughout her career, the key talent that continues to surface for Beth is that of finding the simplicity in any situation.  This allows her to easily put together processes and systems, to unravel chaos into workable parts, or to put together a project plan.

In addition, what Beth has learned over the course of her career is compassion and how that enables you to encourage people to work together.  It is the people that make the project move forward, not the charts and graphs.  For Beth, the real success of a project is not just getting to the end goal, but to have all participants feel that they have truly contributed and are appreciated.

A note from Beth

I would be pleased to have the opportunity to talk with you and see how I can help you to put clear planning and cooperation to work for your company.  I look forward to supporting you and your company’s goals.